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Crafting Resolutions and Valentine’s Day!

January is almost over and I finally got to the “start blogging again” part on my resolutions list (yay!). Valentine’s is in full gear over here, I’ve got gift card holders, mini cards and of course a v-day card for my honey (almost complete)! Here’s a little peak at what I have so far.

LOVE the new Lawn Fawn release for Valentine’s Day, “Love Letters” is pretty perfect all year round too, definitely a good choice for someone just starting out.

Disclaimer, I’m famous around here for saying (insert crafting tool) is “Life Changing” (I can already feel the eyeroll from my darling fiancé), and my newest amazon purchase is no exception. I finally broke down and ordered a Tonic Studios Guillotine paper trimmer, and it’s perfect for getting the little fuzzies off my card edges (LOVE)! It was really driving me insane to get a more polished look, I’ve been using it for about a month and it’s saved me numerous times. So please forgive me, I will probably have many more “Life Changing” crafty things to share. Please share any crafty tips and tools that you love!

Can’t wait to get back into the swing of things, finished Valentine’s Day projects to follow.

Have a great night!


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