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I said yes!


I had the BEST experience at Becker’s Bridal here in Toronto. My initial appointment was two weeks ago and I was able to try on lots of styles. We narrowed down silhouettes and necklines and discovered I actually wanted something that I didn’t ask for (of course).  My amazing consultant pulled “The Dress”  right at the end and I knew it was special and it was basically love at first sight.

Because it was not what I had been obsessing over, I had to sleep on it but I had a feeling…

Fast forward a week and we went back, tried on more styles and it was still the one. So…. I said yes!

I highly recommend checking out Becker’s if you can, I had lots of styles in my budget and size to try on. And of course both the consultants that helped me were beyond amazing.

Some helpful tips:

-Research designers and styles online. was my secret weapon for pricing and location options.

-Go with an open mind and try something unexpected.

-If you aren’t getting the service you deserve (this happened to me at a certain large chain), don’t be afraid to speak up and don’t feel pressured to lock anything down. I was lucky and had a great entourage on my side, so glad I waited for “The one”.

– Take it all in! I didn’t think I would have that “Bridal moment” but it was honestly perfect. There was tears (the good kind!), laughter and that realization: I’m marrying my best friend in this dress!

Take lots of pictures and video if you can. One of my lovely bridesmaids captured all angles of the dress and the moment when I said yes. It’s going to be months before you see the dress again so snap away!

Time to start looking for accessories…

Have a great night!


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