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Perfectly Mini


Lately I’ve been a little planner crazy – with everything that’s going on I need to write everything down and I find it helpful to put to paper goals and deadlines for myself.

In the Fall, I picked up the classic MAMBI Happy Planner, got all the stickers and started to work away at layouts. But it just wasn’t working for me. I found the pages daunting to fill and I never brought it along to the office so it slowly ended up in my desk drawer.

A few weeks back at my local Michael’s I noticed that they had the new mini Happy Planners, at 50% off I thought I would give it a try – after all I already invested in stickers and embellishments so I thought I would give it another go.

And I’m SO glad that I did.

The mini is perfect, fits in my purse, the pages are easy to fill for me and I have even started a little bit of journaling. I’ve been adding tidbits about the week’s happenings and moments with Ry; he’s growing so quickly lately and I’m finding that blur between little boy and kid is fading fast. I’m trying to remind myself to savour all the little cuddles, the bedtime stuffie hunts and him reaching for my hand when we cross the road.

And now we can talk about the accessories! I personally reach most for the Create 365 Happy Planner value pack of seasonal stickers, I just added the dashboards and I love the printables from Plannerstickersco on Etsy.

I hope everyone is taking in the last little bit of the weekend!


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