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Sending Papered Kindness


I wanted to share a little side project I’ve been working on, people have been asking where they can find my cards so I decided to dream up The Papered Kindness Co. It’s still very much a work in progress (figuring out all the shipping wizardry is currently my latest obsession) but so far loving the process.

Who knew Wedding DIY’s would open the door to a whole new crafting world? So far I’m in awe and completely inspired by all the wonderful Ladies in this industry. I have much to learn and would love to create love and light in some small way with my projects (stamp money also doesn’t hurt 😉).

If ever you see a card that you love please feel free to contact me, the orders that I have created so far have been challenging, rewarding and honestly super, super fun.

Also if you want to see more projects follow me @thepaperedkindnessco (Etsy link in profile).

Lots of love and Papered Kindness,


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